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A brief Q&A on The Weekly Vista…

Okay, so you’ve got blog a blog now.  What is it about exactly?  What’s your hook?

Starting January 20, 2010, every week, on Wednesday, I post my thoughts from a year ago.  Could be relevant to what’s happening today, might be drivel.  If I thought about it a year ago and wrote it down, it’s game.

Uh… that’s kind of weird.  Why not just a regular blog?  Can’t you talk about “what happened to me today”  just like everyone else?

Sure I can, and sometimes, given the circumstances, I will.  But the Web needs a little more retrospection, I think, and a lot less impulse.  Plus, I wrote half this material as a personal diary last year before coming up with the “sharing” idea, so, like any good cook, I had to come up with an ingenious way to make it appear original, and appetizing.  (Think about the Wednesday special at your local diner.)  Therefore: The Weekly Vista.

Okay.  You’re talking about food — I’m tempted.  What else are you going to be talking about here exactly?

Like I said, this blog is a function of time rather than content.  (I’ll pause and let that sink in for a moment.)  What I believe today isn’t necessarily the same thing as what I believed a year ago.  What I say this blog is about now will probably change tomorrow.  But based off the year’s worth of material I’ve already written, here’s a category breakdown:  Philosophy, Politics, Sports, The Stock Market, The Working Life, and The Writing Life.  A lot happens in a year — that’s all I can say.

Damn, son.  Those are some heavy-heating topics.  Is there going to be any fun around here, or just griping?

[Laughs.]  I’ve been known to tell a joke or two.  Most of the time, I’m funniest when I don’t mean to be.

I can tell you’re a writer because you didn’t answer my question.  Is that a yes or a no?

It’s a yes.

Good answer.  I might stick around now and hear what you have to say.  By the way.  Who are you?

Call me Gerard.  If you want to know more, stick around.  But, since you’re here, welcome to The Weekly Vista.

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