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Bustin’ on LeBron, Plus: The American Farce

July 10, 2010

I’ve been on a roll lately — two Wraps in one week, absolutely phenomenal output — and I know how to do it: You ride the tide when it’s in; you sit on the side when it’s out.  I’m riding it, baby, and I’m here again, Saturday morning, o’ traditional.  This is The Weekly Wrap.

  • You can’t go a week — this week especially — without talking about LeBron James.  We’re not breaking with tradition here, but as we always do at The Vista, we take it out a new door.  And what struck me about the LeBron Saga, and watching Cleveland fans burn Number 23 jerseys in the street, was the power — and more notably, the danger — of consensus thought.  Picture it with me, if you will: an entire city knowing what is best for LeBron James when LeBron James believes otherwise.  In the tribal days of our cave-dwelling forefathers, this kind of separatist thinking could get ya killed.  Now they just burn your jersey in the street, and all things considered, I guess that’s a demonstration of progress.  But please be sure, Believers and Nons, of the difference between consensus and truth.  They are not the same thing.  Just because 9 people believe it and 1 person doesn’t, doesn’t make the 1 person an idiot.   Endangered, maybe, but not foolish.  Certainly not guilty as charged.  Rock on, LeBron.
  • And speaking of foolish, did you read that letter from Cav’s owner, Dan Gilbert?  Good grief.  Sounded like an episode from Divorce Court — I kid you not.  Here’s what I saw when I read it (embellished, of course): “Lebron quit in the Celtics series.  Not just in Game 5, but in Games 2, 4 and 6.  Watch the tape.  But I was willing to forgive and forget as long as he came home.  Man, I wouldn’t have said a word.  But now that he’s with that other bitch, I don’t give it fuck!  It’s on!”  I’m serious, man, you should read the letter.  Very entertaining.
  • Joke of the Week #1: Usher Raymond, co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, couldn’t be reached immediately for comment, but had this to say when he heard that Lebron was leaving.  “You know what, LeBron?” Usher said, staring directly into the camera.  “U Don’t Have to Call.”
  • Last bit of news: I saw this story in the New York Times about the the failure of the so-called American Dream, and it gave me pause.  Question #1: Can anyone here give me a definitive definition of what the American Dream is?  I don’t have one.  Question #2: If you believe stories like this, what do you mean by “failure”?…  because my history book tells me that, across time, the American Dream has always failed someone.  The Native Americans saw no parts of this dream.  Immigrants, who founded this country, have continually been denied equal rights, and in the current political climate, we’d rather they just stay the fuck out.  It’s wasn’t too long ago that well-educated women were forced into menial jobs (secretaries and such) when they qualified for work and pay well above that.  I doubt this practice has been fully abolished.  And, of course, let’s not forget African Americans.  They call World War II participants the “Greatest Generation“, but when this generation got home, they stringently denied rights to their fellow black veterans.  If that’s what great generations do, count me out.  So please, People, let’s not delude ourselves into believing the  American Dream was working until 2008 when the stock market tanked, and then suddenly it wasn’t working anymore.  The American Dream has always been privileged, and this turn is nothing new.  But I guess, since the grandchildren of the Greatest Generation are being negatively affected in large numbers, we have to talk about it.  Please.
  • Did I get a little crabby with that last bullet?  Maybe I did.  So here’s a joke to lighten the mood: Joke of the Week #2.  I can’t take credit for it, and I hope it doesn’t lose translation in its written form, but here goes:  A man went to church to pay his tithes, but instead of making the check out to the church, he wanted to make it out directly to Jesus.  “Sorry,” they said, “you can’t do that.”  To which the man replied: “But I can do all things through Christ Jesus!”
  • Funny, man.  That joke is funny to me on so, so, so, soooo many levels.

And that’s the Weekly Wrap.

Next Vista: Wednesday, July 7, 2010: “Lie to Me”


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