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Bad Financial Thinking, Episode 1

April 11, 2010

Atlanta Relocation 2010

I’ve been extremely negligent updating the blog for the past few weeks but for good reason, and over the next month the schedule promises to be just as hectic.  But, as they say in church on Sundays, I’ve carved out a few moments today bring you a word, and here it is:  The Weekly Wrap.

  • Bad Financial Thinking Story of the Week, brought to you courtesy of Atlanta Relocation 2010 and April 15th — Tax Day: So I’ve been hustling the past three weeks to get our house on the market to sell, and one of the tasks involved Stanley Steamer.  They came over on Tuesday, and after telling me they were not allowed to pick up electronic equipment in our house (the the television, the computer monitors), one of the crew members noticed my iPhone charger and asked if he could use it.  I said OK.  Later, as I was paying, he asked if I liked my iPhone, and I said I was addicted, which is the truth.  He agreed, and proceeded to tell me about this457 Rock Band app that he loves.  He then told me about another app that he uses when he works out.  I said I didn’t pay for many apps.  He said he didn’t either, but Rock Band was a gift to himself from his income tax return.  Of course, I’m thinking to myself “that’s a tiny tiny return if all you can afford to buy is an iPhone app” when he tells me the rest: He has a child with his ex-girlfriend, who left him, so he gave half his return to her. The other half he used for 1) an iPhone 2) Rock Band app 3) a down payment on a car. He claims he doesn’t know what his ex did with her half of the money, but his went to good use.  Not sure what to say in response to this, and not wanting to preach to a stranger, I simply nodded my head.
  • What is it about the company we keep?  I have a personal philosophy, which essentially says it’s easier for others to bring you down that it is for you to bring them up.  The Stanley Steamer guy — I’m assuming he’s not a bad person.  But it’s obvious to me that he hangs around people who share a similar mindset about tax returns and what they should be used for.  I know, because I used to fraternize with people who thought that too.  Nowadays I’m looking for a different mindset; nowadays, I thinking it’s foolish to give the Government an interest free loan.  I’m looking to surround myself with people who believe the same thing.
  • And what is it about differences of opinion?  What is it about being mainstream?  I was looking for this product called Squeak Ender, and I went to Lowe’s first and couldn’t find it.  Then I went to Home Depot, and couldn’t find it.  But the interesting thing is one of the associates in Home Depot told me that if I couldn’t find it at Lowes, then to I should try Ace Hardware.  In her words: “They seem to carry things like that.”  And it got me to thinking that maybe I’m not a Lowe’s guy.  Maybe I’m not Home Depot material either.  If you look at me, if you look at what I’m about and what I’m trying to accomplish, I’m more like Ace Hardware.  Off the beaten path.  Away from the mainstream.  And truthfully, I like that it better that way.

And that’s the Weekly Wrap.

Next Vista: Wednesday, April 14, 2010, “The Crisis of Interconnectedness.”  And, as a slightly mystical guy, I find it intriguing that in 2009 I didn’t write any entries from 3/24 to 4/14 and that this pattern repeated itself in 2010.  What will 2011 bring?  One can only guess.


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