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The Hater I Don’t Want to Be

March 13, 2010

Folks are mad at me now!  I promised two Weekly Wraps for the price of one, and didn’t even show up on Wednesday with anything.  My apologies.  Rough week in the Caribbean.  No problem today, though, because it’s Saturday and I’m staying true here if nowhere else.  Here it is: The Weekly Wrap.

  • So I finally did it.  I was on the plane to San Juan and The Blind Side came on and I made myself watch it.  That’s right.  For me, there were all kinds of internal barriers to watching that film, but I pushed through and watched it anyway.  I didn’t get teary-eyed, but it was a respectable film, and I enjoyed it.  Now I’ve got a few questions — questions for me more than anyone else.  Questions questions questions.
  • Why didn’t I want to watch the film?  That’s simple I think.  Well, it’s simple if you’re a minority and you’ve seen this kind of story before.  If you’re the majority, it’s right up your alley.  You didn’t have anything to do with all those disenfranchised and self-destructive black men anyway.  And it’s really great what this lady did with the opportunity that she had, isn’t it?  You’d like to believe that, given the chance, you’d do the same thing.
  • What is the Black Experience anyway?  Does anyone know?  If you’re not a black person and watched that film, or the other Oscar winner Precious, what do you come away thinking?
  • Personally, if there is such a thing as  a “Black Experience”, I don’t think it gets adequate coverage for the breadth and vitality that exists between the extremes.  Sure, a black family lives in the White House, and movies involving impoverished black people won Oscars, but do any other black people exist?  Maybe I clinch when I see stuff like this because I feel like I exist in this middle, invisible zone of the so-called “Black Experience”.
  • But I watched this film and afterward I had to mentally spank myself.   I’ve become a Hater.  Hate hate hate hate hate.  I just hope it doesn’t do anything to the food I’m cooking for you all on a weekly basis.

And that’s the Weekly Wrap.

Next Vista: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, “Do Exactly As I Say”.


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