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Say it Ain’t So

February 20, 2010

The Weekly Wrap: A lot of stuff to talk about, but it all seems to circle around the same issue: the people we look up to, and how we somehow feel “entitled” to tell them how to live their lives.  It just reminds me of an obvious truism — “Judge not lest ye be judged”, or in a similar vein, “He who is without sin cast the first stone” — but I have a different way of saying it.  Criticisms, like fingers,  are better served when they are directed at other people.  So go ahead playa, this is the world we’ve created for ourselves.  Get yo’ finger-pointing on!

  • Who in their right mind can do a weekly wrap up without mentioning Tiger Woods?  Uh… well, I can, and mostly because I’m so tired of talking and hearing about it.  Brave men are dying in Afghanistan and we’re worried about whether or not Tiger Woods cops to having unprotected sex?  Je.  Sus.  Christ.
  • But you want my opinion about Tiger Woods anyway I’m sure so here it is: He got a little big-headed in the Cycle of the Idiot, which happens with powerful men throughout history, and he thought he could get away with anything.  Obviously, he couldn’t.  Obviously, this won’t stop him from winning golf tournaments in the future.  If he could be stopped by something so trivial, he wouldn’t have broken the color line in golf to start off with.  The boy is strong.  This is the Year of the Tiger.
  • Some of you are scratching your heads about the Cycle of the Idiot. What is it  exactly?  Well, if you really want to know, it’s something I wrote for the Weekly Vista portion of the blog.  If you want to learn more, stick around.
  • In another episode of “Oh Crap, Our Heroes Curse and Fornicate and Do All Kinds of Things You’d Never Show on Television”, Shaun White and his coach had a foul-mouthed exchange before his last victory lap run in the halfpipe.  Some people are obviously offended, but not as much as I am whenever I watch Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics.  I mean, seriously.  Whenever KG pounds his chest it’s like he’s hitting a switch on a Jack-in-the-Box, and the profanity just leaps forward.  Well, I’m not actually offended because I’ve played ball, and profanity happens in sports — but this doesn’t seem like the Minnesota Timberwolves KG.  To me, it’s as if he went to Boston, won and a championship, and became a different person.  I don’t know that guy.
  • In the weirdest “cast the first stone” news of the week, you should read this over at Black National Anthem Disgraced at White House.  In fact, this story moved me so much that I dedicated my Weekly Vista journal for 2-16-2010 (which you’ll be able to read a year from now) to the topic of Black History Month.  To me, it’s just another case of finger-pointing.  In this case, the story is essentially saying: “I didn’t have what it takes to become the first African American president, but I know for a fact that the first black president needs to the know the words to the ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing'”.  I mean — huh?  Come again?  There’s some serious ESPN  I’m-not-in-the-game-but-I-know-what-I’m-talking-about dynamics here, but I’ll get off my high horse.
  • Which reminds me, I remember a story not too long ago about the porn industry and high definition and think it’s instructive.  The fear from the porn industry’s perspective, from what I remember, was that the better resolution from HDTV would allow its customers to see blemishes in its performers  that had been hidden before.  The blemishes, they were afraid, would drive down profits.  I don’t know what became of these concerns, but when the porn industry recognizes the threat “greater visibility” presents and NBC/ESPN doesn’t, there’s a problem.  My question to you is: Are you looking at these increasing issues of “public visibility” like NBC/ESPN, or like the porn industry?  I’m telling you: it makes a difference.

And that’s the Weekly Wrap.

Next Vista: Wednesday, February24, 2010, “MULA, Part One”


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