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Don’t Be So Stupid

February 13, 2010

The Weekly Wrap: Another week away from the pad and when that happens, the world passes me seamlessly by.  But I’m here again for another entry.  Next week — I get my bearings about me again.

  • I’ve been out of the loop on the on-going and now, from what I’ve heard, recently quelled uproar between MacMillian and Amazon.  A fair synopsis won’t do it justice since I’m this far removed from the action, but everyone’s rightfully pissed off.  MacMillian, as the publisher, feels it should be allowed to set the price on the ebooks it publishes.  Amazon, with the Kindle, is apparently out to corner the burgeoning e-book market as the loss leader.  Authors and agents have their picket fences up from the sidelines, demanding larger royalty cuts, or just in general, saying “Don’t Forget About Us.”  Consumers are gobbling up e-readers and could care less about the squabbling.  I’m sort of scratching my head, wondering where it will all go, but continuing my plan.  Writing.  There’s really little else I can do.
  • The problem with expensive e-books and e-readers, I think, is that where technology is concerned, consumers are trained to expect future price cuts.  Books were once art; now they’ve crossed a dangerous line into commodities.  Where the price goes, as long quality is not compromised, the consumer follows.  But consumers, at least in this generation, will also follow convenience.  They will pay to make their lives simpler, whether it’s the one-stop Walmarts or useless iPhone apps with perceived value.  (Count me in the iPhone list.)   The winner to this, I believe, will be the publishing maverick who does e-book delivery the simplest while keeping the cost at an attractive price point.  Personally, if I was self-publishing an e-book (which could happen sooner than you think), I’d be looking to keep it under $3, and $1.99 is golden.
  • I hadn’t heard about this NBA lockout nonsense until last night, and don’t know really know the details and don’t really care to.  But it reminded of MacMillian and Amazon.  The decision, whatever is it, will be made regardless of what I feel about it.  So if I like the NBA enough to keep watching it after a lookout, or if I like MacMillian’s products enough to keep purchasing them when they raise e-book prices to $15 to $20, I’ll do both.  If not, then they’ve just lost one.
  • And what’s this I hear about John Mayer using the “N” word?  Why is the “N” word still such big news?  Mira, I’ve done some stupid things in my life.  Said some stupid stuff (in Spanish and in English).  Thought situations were about me when, from another perspective, they really weren’t.  The bottom line is, every time a non-black person says nigger I don’t take it as a slap in the face.  Hell, they could say it to my face, and it’d be so foolish I’d probably laughed.  Because, really, you think that word has an effect on me?  You think you can control me like that?  Get real, okay?   Nigger is just ginger with the letters shuffled around. So what are we all getting so mad about?  And how did I let you guys get me all riled up on a Saturday morning?  I need some yogurt to cool me off.

And that’s the Weekly Wrap.

Next Vista: Wednesday, February17, 2010, “My Life as the Ultimate Warrior”


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